View Full Version : ASUS ROG G750JW motherboard fried due to faulty ASUS PB278Q monitor!!

04-24-2015, 06:52 AM
A couple of days ago, my laptop was connected to the monitor through a HDMI cable when all of a sudden, I heard a pop sound as if something got shorted and the monitor stopped working. On inspection, I found that the HDMI port was badly burnt and the laptop had stopped working too. I have no clue how something like that could happen! Anyway, I took the laptop to a local repair guy, he told me that the monitor fried the motherboard. The monitor is under warranty but the laptop is not. My question is: Since the monitor destroyed the laptop, can I claim free motherboard replacement by ASUS? I called them and of course, they said NO. What do you guys think I should do next? Was anyone on these forums able to convince ASUS for a free replacement in a similar situation?