View Full Version : NVIDIA GTX 960 Upgrade (EVGA SuperOverclocked ACX 2.0+) Suprisingly good.

04-25-2015, 02:08 AM
My roommate purchased the G20 model (i5, 750 gtx) same as mine. Except, he went ahead and got a 960 GTX alongside. I helped him mount it up properly.

Despite telling him he is better off getting a reference card (for exhaust), he just couldn't handle the stock clocks and other form of material certain manufactures did to their 960 series. The biggest issue we had was the whole pin connector issue (we had to really bend the wires to a point where it can slide in between the pin head port and the end wall of steel) We also needed to change a single PSU Pin to the left ( which we couldn't understand why the card didn't work before) but now by doing that, it enabled the second power supply to work properly as well (We used my G750 180W power supply, which is exactly the same model, just 1 + A value on it so instead of .23 it was 2.4A) so far it didn't had any artifacts or whatsoever. However, in the end it took us a good 30-40 minutes of setting it all up properly with trials and errors until we knew what was missing. Also, we removed that piece of metal that covers the Case cover where the GPU is under it, to enable more air flow ( theres only 1 screw there to remove it, was pretty easy to slide it off)

Anyways, I DIDN'T expect the card to be EXTREMELY COOL and silent!!! both under load and idle (idle no fans are running, literally except the CPU at like 11% and cannot be heard at all anyways). However, on under load it was extremely whisper quiet, which im ****ing impressed for a tiny ATX case. Avg Temp with no fan tweaking (using basic so far) it stays around 72c (Max 74c) with heaven benchmark and other demanding games, especially TW Attila and GTA V. The stock settings of the fans never seem to go above 30%. Idle temps, the card mostly stayed around 45-48c with fans off (since they turn on when you go above 65c). we may try to install Virtuwatt and see if it can cut the power by 50% for the gpu temps to idle down to 30c or below.

Does anyone have a non-reference model reaching the same temps? or is it just us being a little skeptical about this?

Point is, at this point, I don't think the reference one or non-reference matters for the 960 when it comes down to the whole cooling issue of the case. The rest of the part of the components all gained around 1-2c. I think people can buy referenced card such as EVGA 960 and benefit from the whole cooling reduction it is build for.