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04-28-2015, 11:01 PM
Hey there, pretty new to the forums, but I've been reading around trying to find some answers to few issues/questions I've run across lately with my G75V.

*tl;dr list below*

A while back I noticed one of my fans in the laptop was making a LOT more noise than usual, but ignored it as the temps while gaming were still sitting around 70-80 C. A few months later I notice my GPU temps hitting 88-93 on average while playing any graphics intensive games (CPU core temps sitting at 60's). After opening the bottom panel and dusting it out, I found one of the fans is in fact broken, and would no longer spin. I've since looked up replacement fans but haven't found any official sites for asus replacement parts. I'm just wondering what my best bet is as far as picking a seller for a set of replacement fans. Also while I'm at it, I've been wondering if my laptop is in need of a repaste (Idle/light browsing temps only range 45-70C). If so, what brand of thermal paste do you suggest using (have had bad experiences using random generic brands in the past). While we're at it, any suggested cooling pads that have been outstanding for G75 lines? Excuse my rambling, just been looking through alot of posts and haven't come across anything conclusive. :p

-Idle temps 45-70C
-GPU temps spiking to 93C while gaming
-Best place for ASUS G75V replacement fans?
-Good brand for thermal paste?
-Good cooling pad for G75V?

Any help would be appreciated :D


04-29-2015, 01:57 AM
If I were you I would disassemble and repaste anyway, it doesn't look like it needs it but it's better to do it sooner than later, especially if you're going to take it apart to replace the fan.

The community uses IC Diamond thermal compound, it's a thick thermal compound with cubic zirconias that have been crushed up into a fine powder. It works great to bring down your temps, and after it cures you'll get another small drop in temps.

You can get it pretty much anywhere online just google "IC Diamond 7" for the small tube and "IC DIamond 24" for the large tube.

Since IC Diamond is so thick you need to use the compression method when applying and spreading the thermal compound.

Here's a link to that


A little trick for ICD is to heat it up a bit before applying it, it's easier to get it out of the tube, and it will compress with less pressure.

To heat it get a small glass of hot tap water, make sure the syringe is sealed completely then submerge half of the syringe tip first into the glass of water. Let it sit for about 3 mins, then pull it out, dry it with a towel and apply the correct amount to each die.

Now for a replacement fan I would go to ebay since Asus royally screwed up their estore website with the latest facelift, and deleted almost all of their parts. Parts that were available a couple months ago are no longer available.

Anyway ebay has plenty available, I would stick with the ones in the US though if you're from the US.

http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xg75vx+fan .TRS0&_nkw=g75vx+fan&_sacat=0

As for a cooling pad, I have never used one so I can't help you in that department.

Good luck, if you have any other questions let us know.

04-29-2015, 03:54 AM
I agree with C4RN1, IC diamond seems to be what all the Custom Retailers are pasting with. I also have not used a cooling pad with this notebook. I would repaste since you have to dissemble anyway here is a good video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9KHrJKInmA)for dissemble. Be very careful with the cables and connectors they are easily damaged.

04-29-2015, 07:21 AM
Awesome, I'll go ahead and follow with that then for now. Also though, should I order/replace the CPU fan as well since I'm already in there?

Thanks for the help :D

04-29-2015, 03:23 PM
Choices choices, it might last another 4 years or crap out next week. I guess its how much of a gambler you are.