View Full Version : G751JY BIOS questions

04-29-2015, 07:38 AM
Hello, having just gotten my G751JY about a week ago and having had a bit of a play I have a question regarding rom version as I am
unsure if the problem I am having is related to a possible BIOS problem or a USB3 issue or indeed an issue with the mouse I am using.

The problem I am experiencing is that when the mouse is plugged in I note that the light that shows on the outside of the mouse
flickers way more than it would if connected to a USB 2 port, in addition to this even though the mouse button is only clicked once it
quite often seems to double click even though the mouse button click is only heard to actuate once.
I have tried using an identical mouse and same result, I note that there is a BIOS version that is supposed to address USB3
computability issues, could this be a cause for this issue - I.E that version of bios not being installed.

Has anyone had any problems with any particular version of bios?