View Full Version : Question to Asus, Whats with all the dead pixels ?

05-01-2015, 09:49 PM
So after 12 days of owning the Swift I've had 2 dead pixels crop up and for a 629.99 monitor this is ridiculous.

The thing is my case isn't exactly rare as everyone of the people I know in work who have bought a Swift *5 other people* have had theirs develop some type of issue weather it's dead pixels, Stuck pixels, Failing G-Sync unit or even all out failure.

Question to Asus if someone over there could be decent and answer this.

Why are these so prone to failure ?

05-02-2015, 09:30 AM
It reminds me of the same situation with Xbox 360's being ticking time bombs (RROD anyone). Microsoft was being silent about it and yes it made more people buy their units, but eventually it all backfired. People were in denial about it at first for quite some time. It was only after Microsoft manufactured a completely new black version 360 unit that they admitted to the high faillure rate.
Look at M$ now, oh how the mighty have fallen. When will they ever learn?

It requires immense courage to purchase a Swift at its price point currently with all the negative user reviews.

05-08-2015, 09:06 PM
So after owning the Swift for 18 days I am now on my 3rd monitor.

The 1st had 2 dead pixels.

The 2nd had flickering and over 7 dead/stuck pixels as well as pixel inversion issues, Was actually very filthy and covered in dirt as well as smelling like it spent 10 years in a smokers house.

The current replacement, Which is number 3 has 2 tiny bright white pixels which took me 3 minutes to find on a white background, Something I'm amazed the people at the refurb centre don't take their time with as to avoid all these RMA's and lastly the ribbon cable underneath the monitors hinge arm was hanging way down which I had to fix by tucking it in.

If replacement monitor number 4 has ANY of these issues something serious has to be done as this simply shouldn't happen with a flag ship product of this price.