View Full Version : Maximus VII Hero with latest bios, can't change fan speed on Front Base

05-02-2015, 08:28 PM
Just updated my bios today (Maximus VII Hero) to the latest and I can no longer change the fan speed on my Front Base. After updating the bios I uninstalled the Front Base software and removed the processes. When i tried to reinstall the drivers it said connect front base for firmware update, so i did via usb connection. Everything updated and installed fine. One thing i noticed is i usually have 4 asus services installed but now i only have 3. I have currently installed (aaHMSvc, Asus Motherboard Fan Control and atkexComSvc). The fourth one i'm missing is AsSysCtrlService, which is in the front base install folder but doesn't install. Is there something i'm missing? or is fan control on the front base broken with the latest bios?