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05-03-2015, 10:38 AM
I bought myself a brand new G751JT, and since i have 2 1TB SSD hard drives on another computer i decided to upgrade the g751
and use both my SSDs on it
Everything according to the book:
1 - Backup everything i have on the Second Hard drive(SSD) -> Check
2 - Remove the Sata Hard Drive from G751 -> Check
3 - Remove the primary SSD Hard Drive from the other computer -> Check
4 - Put the SSD on a external case -> check
5 - Put the G751 Sata Hard Drive on a External case -> Check
6 -> Clone the G751 Hard Drive on the SSD -> check
7 -> Put both my SSD drives inside the G751 and turn it on -> Check
The clone process went flawlesly, the system boots fine and i'm really happy...EXCEPT...W#$@#$# is This, my second hard drive WHICH
I haven't touched except to stick it inside G751 has now 2 partitions called DATA1 and DATA2...EMPTY...ALL MY FILES ARE GONE
I'm now in the process of trying to recover it, but since it is a SSD drive, i'm only hoping that whatever this win8.1 installation from
ASUS has done it hasn't used the TRIM
Does anyone knows what might have happened?

05-03-2015, 01:15 PM
Hi bro, may i know which cloning software have you used?

05-04-2015, 01:38 AM
I believe the original partitions for the spinning disk are Data1 and Data2... it has been a while though and one of the first things I did was get rid of all the extra partitions on the system.

It sounds like you cloned more drives than what you anticipated and nothing went wrong other than you did something you weren't anticipating.

I know it is a rough message, but you didn't lose your backup, if there is only one copy by definition it isn't a backup. Likewise you don't have a backup until you have done a test restore and know that the backup is functional. Additionally you can't count on a backup that is in the same physical location of the device being backed up. These are pretty much the most important rules regarding backups. Take it from someone that has created disaster recovery plans for large corps (think multiple deployments of million+ dollar tape robots).

It is painful to go though, even when it is just personal data. It will also cost more money to keep proper backups. However if you value your data you should just consider it the price of owning a computer even though it isn't in the original purchase price.

My personal backup strategy is a nightly differential that gets a new full backup every month to an external disk, 3 month of history are stored. Also every night a full backup is spun off to another disk, this get groomed every week or so depending on free space. Quarterly I burn off 2x copies of a full backup and put them in a safety deposit box. On top of all of this all important documents / files are kept in the cloud using Google drive.

This all might seem like overkill, but really it isn't. I am fully isolated from multiple hardware failures (think lightning strike) if you value your data and a quick recovery from a disaster something very similar is needed. Everything I own could burn up and a laptop purchase and visit to the bank later I have all of my data back and I can be operational again within 24hrs.

You may want to look into data recovery tools. If the clone process essentially did a quick format and partition the majority of you data should still be intact, though you would likely need to rebuild folder / file names.

05-04-2015, 01:20 PM
This would happen if you used Asus Backtracker to copy your hard drive to your SSD with the 2nd hard drive still installed. Backtracker is designed to restore your notebook back to factory shipped condition. Which it sound like what has happen here. I'm at a loss as to how else you could have accidently formatted your 2nd hard drive to factory ship state?

05-06-2015, 04:38 PM
Dear Josh,

No, the default partitions are not Data1 and Data2, itīs only OS and DATA.
I didnīt clone any drive, other than the one i intended, it would be impossible since the second drive was still inside the old computer which was
turned off.
As for the backup definition, i wonīt get into that sort of discussion, a backup strategy is something to be done according to how much your data is
exactly worth in monetary terms or emotional terms, for me only one copy would suffice and i would consider it a backup, the way you described it
however is for a company(not my case), but thank you for the enlightment.
Thank you as well for the recovery tools suggestion, but as i said my drives are SSD and the TRIM got rid of my data, no recovery tool would get that
back for me.
Thank you Clint for your suggestion as well and i think that backtracker might have played a role on what happened, altought i didnīt use it to clone
my hard drive while the other was inside, all i did was use it to create a recovery image on the new computer while the second hard drive was sitting
turned off on my old computer(which is also an ASUS), but i really suspect something about backtracker, just canīt pinpoint what exactly.
Thank you all for your suggestions, my data however is definitely gone like i said, tried 5 different tools and none worked.
P.S hey Kevin i used Acronis to clone the hard drive.

05-06-2015, 11:15 PM
There has to be a missing link to all this.
Asus does on the 2nd hard drive partition data1 and data 2.
Acronis would image only the drive you selected.
Your 2nd drive was in a separate computer so it had to be the 2nd computer that damaged it somehow.
If you had used backtracker and had your 2nd drive installed it would do this, as it is designed to return you computer to factory shipped condition which includes formatting and partitioning your 2nd drive if it is in there