View Full Version : Graphics problem - GL771JM

05-06-2015, 08:40 AM
Fellow ROGgers - looking for some help here as maybe someone else has experience this issue.

Some background - computer is "new to me". Bought it on Newegg 2 weeks ago, it was an open box deal that I couldn't pass up, and just got it Monday. Machine is beautiful, except I have a small problem that I am having a hard time understanding and it's related to graphics. (I do have a case open with ASUS on this issue, but I am really trying to avoid doing an RMA)

Here is the issue - Normal function of the machine seems to not have any problems at all (that I have seen anyway). I can do things like watch video, be it YouTube or something on VLC, browse the web just fine, and pretty much an other basic function. The problem begins as soon as I try to run something like Valley Benchmark or play games. Example - I started up Cities: Skylines, and on the main title screen, I get black lines that like to flash across my screen constantly. And after a few seconds, the screen starts to flash black and then back to the title screen again. Example 2 - I start up Valley Benchmark. As soon as it gets to the screen where you can actually run the benchmark, same lines and screen flickering occurs.

I have already done a driver sweep for both the Intel HD graphics and the NVidia graphics drivers and updated them both to the latest version. I have also reverted back to older drivers (for NVidia only) and it seemed to work at first when I ran Cities again, but it ran EXTREMELY slow, almost like the graphics card was struggling with the medium settings (mind you, the power supply was not connected), but in the end, it still wasn't fixed unfortunately.

I am running a GTX 860M 2 GB. The card does not get hot unless I am running the Valley Benchmark which is natural being that it's designed to stress the card. I am at loss here and hoping someone here can help me with this issue.