View Full Version : Issue: Blurry text and discoloration on white objects upper left part of screen

05-06-2015, 08:36 PM
Hello there!

I've had my ASUS Rog Swift a little less than 2 months. Just today, I noticed that any text, especially small text, is kind of blurry, difficult to read, and all pure white objects have a green discoloration. If I move anything to the lower right portion of the screen, the blurriness and discoloration go away. As I move things closer to the top left, things get progressively more blurry and discolored. It's also visible in the top right, bottom left, and middle portions of the screen but it's very bad in the top left. Text seems to get "bolder" as if it's adding pixels that shouldn't be there, especially on horizontal lines like on "T"s and "E"s, but when it's in the bottom right, text look crisp and fine. Also, in some cases, the green discoloration has a static flickering effect.

Example images:

Top Left

Top Right


Bottom Left

Bottom Right

Things that did not work:
> Clean install of Nvidia Drivers
> Lowering Resolution (Made blurriness less noticeable but didn't solve it)
> Lowering Refresh Rate (Made blurriness and green discoloration less noticeable in top right and bottom left but did not get rid of it completely)

Things that sort of worked:
>Lowering Refresh rate to 60hz and Resolution to 1080p seemed to get rid of all blurriness and discoloration.
>Lowering the monitor's contrast setting to 53 seemed to help with the green discoloration
>Changing the monitor's Color Temp setting to "Cool" seemed to help with the green discoloration but now everything has a blue tint.

Any thoughts or suggestions? It seems to me like it's being pushed to hard at 1440p/144hz and starts getting artifacts.

05-09-2015, 03:03 PM
I'm still deciding wheter or not to buy this monitor, but from the impression I got, the Swift is not a 144Hz monitor. Its actually a 120Hz panel overclocked by Asus. As for 1440p pushing the panel too hard? That comes off as quite a hard blow to swallow considering its pricetag. No different then buying a Korean monitor at 60 hz, overclocking it, then sell it to the consumers advertised as ''120Hz''. Who cares about visual artifacts anyway am I rite...

I wanted to give the Swift a try, but I won't untill all the negative user reviews stabilize a little after a panel revision improvement.