View Full Version : vertical lines on the right side of the g751yj screen

05-08-2015, 03:34 AM
Hi guys, i just bought the g751yj, the one with 980m, so i was curious, the display has some annoying vertical lines that appear on grey colors and some other colors, they are not noticable whilst being in game but... once you have a static picture
softwares that do not change, some of their UI Elements, such as google chrome or steam, or even the wallpaper background makes these vertical lines visible and annoying

is there any way to get rid of these lines or should i go back to where i bought it and get a new g751 or should i just get a different laptop - different brand, really like the g751 but these vertical lines are.... a.s.f.

edit : just noticed i get burn-ins aswell on the right side of the display, is this a known issue?