View Full Version : For those who want to customize their rigs totally different from stock.

05-09-2015, 10:52 PM
ok, so i have a serious monster now. i have the new g751jy, with 32g of 1866hz ddr3 mem, of course the 980m graphic's card - overclocked to +135 proc. and +699 mem, and my i7 is pushed up to 37, 36, 35, 35 and 37 cache. my ips screen has been pushed up to a 100hz refresh rate, and everything is buttery smooth. i got mine from gentechpc, and ordered the diamond compound for the cpu and gpu.
while I still have the stock PCIe M2 ssd drive in bay one, i have added a 1tb samsung evo 840 ssd in bay two. then i removed the blueray writer, because how often will i use that, NEVER, and put in another ssd drive. this time a Crucial M100 500gb ssd. all three ssd drives are brutally fast, but the evo 840 is blistering fast; much faster than the other two.
because I really, really, REALLY HATE win 8 and 8.1, i deleted it immediately upon receiving my rig. i partitioned the 1tb drive into two 220 partitions for the two os's, and a 500gb partition for other data. on the first partition (A:) i loaded windows 7 ultimate x64, and on the second partition (C:), i loaded windows 10 preview 10074. both systems are rocking serious benchmark numbers and things seem to be ok right now.
let me know if anyone has any questions about my other custom setups. i guarantee my os's look nothing like anyone else's.