View Full Version : The upcoming of directx12

05-12-2015, 11:22 PM
I heard a lot of people talking about this new directx12 and how it can improve gaming and such. Without a doubt, many new games will use this such as the upcoming AC games. So, I just want to know whether the g750 models especially the JZ can get a taste of this improvement.

05-13-2015, 01:06 AM
Many new games will make use of DX12. But only a few - very few - of these will be available within the next year or two. A lot of games and game engines are still catching up on DX11.2.

Current DX12 specifications haven't been finalized anyhow. And they won't be until Windows 10 retail launch (actually, probably some weeks or months after Win10 releases, since there will certainly be updates to correct flaws). Current GPU cards which claim "DirectX 12" API support can actually only support part of the complete DX12 feature set (indeed, features which haven't been finalized and may not actually be implemented within Microsoft's standard). AMD and NVidia and Intel all work closely with Microsoft, and offer all sorts of great input, but they aren't really in charge of DX12. I expect that current "DirectX 12" GPUs are capable of being firmware updated to true DX12 when the time comes (technically, pretty much any modern GPU could be updated for DX12 this way, at least partly, but we can't really expect the GPU makers to spend much time reworking outdated products).