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05-13-2015, 10:28 AM
Hello folks,

I love this new laptop but I am having troubles to live with the yellow tint this display has. Even with splendid set to Normal and uninstalled, it definitely has too much yellow. White is never white and I cannot seem to find a calibration setting that is actually true to color. For 1999 I expected a flawless unit so is there anything I can do about this? If not, it is going back. It's a shame really as everything else about this thing is so lovely.

Thanks for any help!

05-13-2015, 12:04 PM
I don't know about you but normally the G751 has a very sharp and accurate display. You could try using the splendid profile but without installing the program intself. Try this out here: https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?57748-G751JY-Color-Calibration-to-share&p=476412&viewfull=1#post476412 .

Be sure to also make a restart after applying it because "who knows".

05-13-2015, 12:23 PM
I've tried that already but is stil has that tint. Should I send it in to have it checked?

05-13-2015, 03:33 PM
Try also to make a clean reinstall of the NVidia GPU driver. Maybe that's what causes the yellowish tint. If not, then I don't know. Maybe try to enter in windows safe mode to see if it is anything related to software.
Here it is a little info on what to do in safe mode: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/what-is-safe-mode#1TC=windows-7

05-13-2015, 06:02 PM
Nothing helped but to set the overall gamma to 1.20 and the blue value to 55% in nvidia control panel and make sure those settings are used for the desktop as well. I think I'll do a hardware calibration at some point but it works for now..

Thanks for your help but this appears to be a hardware "problem". I mean it looks nice having everything warmed up a bit but when you have to edit pictures, your effed. Maybe the HW calibration will help manage that later.

05-13-2015, 07:18 PM
I'm sure that the guys from the service will solve this issue if you won't find any solution to it. If you are going to make professional graphics work then you should definitely solve this issue asap. I can't think about a reason that could make the screen yellowish. I mean, hardware issues are usually black screen, dead pixels, random lines, faulty wires etc. but a yellowish tint -_- ... I dunno. Have you checked to see if the panel is indeed LG IPS? Maybe they swapped something when they've put the display.

05-13-2015, 07:37 PM
In device manager it says Generic PnP Monitor. Where can I see more about it?

05-13-2015, 07:49 PM
You will have to download AIda64 and then go to Display-->Monitor and see what details it shows you.

05-13-2015, 08:21 PM
Okay, I've done that and it says: LG Philips LP173WF4-SPD1 which I assume is correct. I've checked it at 60Hz and 75Hz and there is no difference. I think the lower left area of the display has less of that yellow tint but my eyes may be unreliable by now. Where can I get my hands on a new color profile for this display? I've taken the one (actually one of two identical?) from the Splendid installer and it doesn't do it for me. Jesus, I'm frustrated..

05-14-2015, 09:21 AM
A day later I am a bit smarter. It appears the warmth of the display is normal, it is a warm display. However, I have uneven white all over the display, which makes me think backlight issues or matte coating accident? It is a small difference but reading on the internet led me live with it rather than to jeopardize it for other issues. Let me say, when playing games this display is BEAUTIFUL. I'm only talking photo editing issues here. Would you return the whole notebook and start setting it up all over again for a mild chance to get one with the same issue at it IS an IPS issue?

ROGer G551
05-14-2015, 08:32 PM
The thing you must remeber is that these are gaming laptops, their primary purpose is for gaming, not graphics or accurate colour.
I understand your frustrations, I am also finding the same with my G551JM, the screen is terrible.

You could try using this ICC profile (link below) for the G751JY that was made using an XRite Pro 2 colourometer.


Hope it helps :)

05-14-2015, 08:57 PM
You are of course right, I don't expect a 100% RGB calibrated display and I actually like a bit of warmth. The problem I have is that the lower half is fine and the upper half has a yellow tint to it. There is NO way to calibrate that into looking okay.

Thank you for the profile but it looked just like the original one from Asus. I think I want a new Display. Can I send this laptop to Asus without my SSD and HDD?

ROGer G551
05-14-2015, 09:46 PM
I dont think you'll ever find this laptop with a perfect display.
My screen is half green and half pink if I have a white screen! The Google home page for example looks aweful

05-14-2015, 10:19 PM
For 2000 Euros.. that is absolutely unacceptable.

05-17-2015, 02:41 PM
Can someone tell me if this is reason enough to have it replaced under warranty? I'm asking because the warranty card says they only cover dead pixels but I mean... HELLO? This picture is edited to make it more distingishable, imagine it 50% less obvious.

05-17-2015, 11:05 PM
With my G751JY
Give a try and test the App Calibrize ....with the recent 350.12 im using this setings
i think its only a Driver Thing :rolleyes:... im waiting for the next Driver

But my apprehension is...Monitor LG Philips Display LP173WF4-SPD1 is crappy...
i think about to buy my old Display hannstar hsd173puw1 and to deploy in my new G75JY

I know exactly what u mean...got before the G73JH with hannstar hsd173puw1
and the Picture was perfect for 5 years since 2010 ...and he is still running
Try this Settings

05-18-2015, 12:39 AM
I'm beyond the point of trying but thank you for your effort. The tint is not the actual problem, that settings like yours could easily fix. The problem is that the display is UNEVEN and no color correction can fix that. It's getting replaced and if the second one is the same I will get my money back and buy a Laptop from a different brand when anyone other than MSI comes out with 980M versions.

05-18-2015, 07:28 PM
They arent also Pretty...we have the yellow Wall...they got blue Inspiratons in the Screen :eek:

most of the GT72 continues to use a TN LCD. Its a decent quality TN panel, but out of the box the colors are very far from accurate, with very noticeable blue shifts (even if you dont know what to look for). In fact, the overblown blues combined with underpowered reds mean that if you want to calibrate for 200 nits you have to run the LCD at close to 100% brightness.

Check This


But my decision is clear ....
as soon as possible i will also replace my LG Philips...
with my good old clear Screen hannstar hsd173puw1 from G73Jh
Where white is white,yellow is yellow and black is clear deep black ....for 80 Bucks...why not ...i give a try

PS new Nvidia Drivers out
Try it with the G751JY_10DE_E430046C.icm.....u can find it here on this board

for me just perfect...finaly i see the whyte not 100 % but nvidia do it well...i test it in 5 Games and its good

05-18-2015, 07:51 PM
Those MSI notebooks are FAR too expensive. Regardless of the screen but the G751 packs better performance at about three quarters the price. Now as for the Display... is it actually possible to put a different Display into this thing? I've never heard of that being done successfully^^

05-27-2015, 01:24 PM
Got my laptop back from RMA today. The new screen is better but still not perfect. I'll try it for a week, chances are I will get used to it. It's about 90% better now.

09-25-2015, 09:41 AM
The thing you must remeber is that these are gaming laptops, their primary purpose is for gaming, not graphics or accurate colour.
I understand your frustrations, I am also finding the same with my G551JM, the screen is terrible.

You could try using this ICC profile (link below) for the G751JY that was made using an XRite Pro 2 colourometer.


Hope it helps :)

Hi, can you please upload the profile again?

02-11-2016, 11:13 AM
The only solution I've found to reduce yellowish tint is giving control to nVidia gfx card and lowering from 50 to 45% both GREEN and RED Brightness (color settings in nVidia control panel).
This partially reduced the "California" effect ;) Looks much better overall...