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05-17-2015, 11:57 PM
So i am planning on buying the ROG swift PG278Q but i have seen so many people having problems with it. Have these issues been fixed or is it still a gambling game on whether it will work properly or not? I dont want to waste 760+ dollars on something that might work even if it has everything i want. :p

05-18-2015, 01:08 AM
I've been gently flamed for saying this before: but the PG278Q isn't really broken. I think the majority of Swift owners are as content with their units as I am with mine. Complaints about defects/issues on these monitors are probably disproportionately represented in these forums, I think I would be seriously unhappy with Asus, too, if my $$$$ enthusiast monitor turned out to be flawed or problematic.

That being said, it's always worth doing your own research. Most PG278Q complaints (that I've seen) appear to be about the early batches of this product. And, while it's an excellent monitor, it's not a perfect one - there are quirks and there are limits. I understand your hesitation, but you either take the plunge or you buy something else - or you wait a few months and see what else might turn up, there are already excellent BenQ and Acer counterparts, and Asus is always working on something even newer and better.

05-18-2015, 09:35 PM
The LCD roulette is here for all brands and monitors. When some people first reported problems with the Swift some said that's because it's the first of its kind so it has all the baby illnesses then we waited for the Acer IPS one. In the the end problems and defective units appeared for that monitor too. Then problems appeared for the Free Sync monitors too. If you think that you might be unlucky and get a defective unit then you will never buy any monitor. This is why we have warranty and RMA. If you happen to be unlucky they will fix/replace it for you.

05-19-2015, 12:33 AM
Sorry for the backlash from others you have gotten korth. Thanks for the reply and i will probably buy this monitor. It has everything i need and then some.
And to anarion thanks for the replies also and I get what you are saying and i thought of most of your point too. But i am very careful when i am going to purchase something expensive. I was gonna play it safe if i bought this monitor by getting a 2 maybe 3 years warranty.
Again thank you both for the help ��appreciate it

05-19-2015, 01:15 AM
Buying an Asus ROG is about as "safe" as you can get if you want robustly overengineered reliability and performance. But it'll cost you - although in this instance, for the time being, competing products with similar specs will cost just as much anyhow.

I'm of the opinion that >30fps can't really be seen, and >60fps is really just a benchmark - although, of course, more fps means more of a buffer against performance slowdowns. And 120fps (at 120Hz) basically only requires <7ms pixel response times. And paying a premium for G-Sync (or FreeSync) is senseless unless you actually have compatible GPUs and you're gonna actually use G-Sync (or FreeSync). Many people play older games which today's hardware can easily churn out at insane fps rates, but this monitor's 2560x1440 resolution can strain older GPUs on newer titles.

Be aware that the Swift basically factory-overclocks the G-Sync module. So performance >120Hz (up to 144Hz) is not always as easy or pretty as advertised/expected. And multiple Swift monitors are limited to 60Hz (because of GPU and DisplayPort 1.2 bandwidth constraints). It is a truly superior monitor for displaying motion (and it still looks phenomenal with graphic quality settings turned down a notch, if needed to maintain fps, because of the raw number of pixels in your face) but it won't present still-image quality or colour depth comparable to a true IPS-type panel.

05-19-2015, 03:38 AM
What is the warranty?
3-year system and panel warranty.


But you'll need to ship it to ASUS if you ever need to use it. That's probably true for all the major monitor manufactures. With exception to perhaps Apple. Where you can probably take it to an Apple Store for warranty work. Though I imagine the AppleStore will ship it for you, to wherever Apple monitors get fix. That is assuming there is an Apple Store by you.

Buying a monitor locally from a store; Fry's, Bestbuy, Microcenter, etc, has the advantage of being able to bring it back to that store, if something goes wrong within the time frame dictated on the receipt. Fry's for example, I think is 30 days. If you want even more convince, then it might be worth your time to buy an extended warranty from that store to protect your monitor. Though that will cost you more $. But, it's less of a hassle to take it back to that store. Check out their terms to see how they honor their extended warranty. What's your time worth?

I'm quite happy with my SWIFT. It works great. Had since November.

05-20-2015, 04:28 AM
I try to buy computer parts - large or small - from my local computer stores when possible. Sometimes my needs are very particular so I just have to order oddball hyperspecific items online. But paying a few bucks more is worth less hassle for me. I can return any item within 30-days (except opened tubes of goop or opened software, etc) for any reason, "I'm just not happy with this product" is reason enough, although sometimes a restock fee can be assessed (and 10-15% or so isn't much, but it could be $100-$150 on a $1000 item like a Swift).

Many people swear by extended warranty/coverage options. I've had decidedly unhappy results with such things in the past (and still didn't avoid the time/money costs involved in shipping and RMA stuff) so I don't bother. Item is good and I happily keep it, or item is bad and goes back within 30 days (and, rather than be stubborn about replacing it, I'm happy to give the competition a chance to impress me).

05-20-2015, 08:01 AM
lmao i joined this forum just to post the same thing you did

i bought one 3 days ago and it has one dead pixel i bought it at frys in palo alto california i am going to give it back and try to get another one
after i bought the monitor i seen all the complaints and made me worry too if i should just keep the one with one dead pixel

and like the guy said up there about a ips panel
yeah its definitely not like a ips panel, i have been using ips 2560 x 1440 monitors now for 5?? maybe longer years??? and i am really use to ips
when i got the monitor i knew about all the down grades of having a TN panel but does it bother me in windows yes, will it bother me while i have to use photoshop yes, but when gaming hell no lol

so if you plan to just game mostly then buy it if its screwed up give it back and try to get another one
and if you are playing competitive games like counter strike its so worth it i know this sounds stupid but i actually ranked up today in CSGO all by having this monitor for 3 days lol

and i got the 3 year warranty at frys cost me a extra 150.00