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05-18-2015, 02:33 PM
Hello RoG!

Bought the laptop a few months ago, as a desktop replacement - moving on from a 7year old self-built PC. Though very poorly, as the system was beyond out-of-date, I was able to play BF3 and BF4 on this machine - you'll see why I mention this soon.

First thing I did when I booted up the PC, was to install Origin, and then Battlefield 4. Did all of this within the allocated return period for the retailer that I purchased the lappy from in order to make sure that the main game I bought the laptop for would work. Problems straight away. Talked to EA, talked to Asus. Didn't make any changes on the PC out of the box, just turned it on, went through the initial setup preamble, and proceeded to download and install the game via Origin.
Tried to play the game, initially though Firefox, then through Chrome, and finally through IE.
Battlelog reached the same point each time - the blue bar at the bottom of the screen appeared, the game loading process proceeded as far as "Loading Level", and went no further. I get no error message, no lag on the machine as if the launching process is consuming a lot of resources, nothing.

I spoke with EA, and they are convinced that its either something to do with the fact that I am using the laptop over the WiFi (I plugged the LAN cable directly into the laptop, this made no difference), or its a port issue. I've downloaded the PortForwarding software, and gone through the process of updating all relevant ports for BF4 to my router, no solution.

The thing that gets me is that I can right now jump onto my obsolete PC and play BF3 and BF4 (with major graphic lag, and all the rest of the problems with using a machine which is not fit for the task... Yet I cannot play BF4 on this souped-up beast of a laptop, which right now serves as little more than a sterioid-enhanced web browser and word processor.

I've reinstalled the game, reinstalled the laptop, repaired the game through Origin, reinstalled Punkbuster, tried the connection wirelessly and direct-connected. I have gone through all of the fixes offered by EA (run as administrator, re-install (which has been a pleasant and expensive process let me tell you - my ISP has a monthly download cap, which I burn through with ease in a matter of two re-installs!), port check, etc.

Does anyone have this issue on their G751? Has anyone heard of this issue before?

I've been trawling the web for a long time now, and have done next to nearly everything that people have said.

Has anyone got any advice or solutions? Here is the "Loading Level" screen that I get:

05-18-2015, 03:04 PM
This smells like GameFirst III trickery again.
With the risk of getting you pi**ed off because you've seen this advice for the umpteenth time, check if you have ASUS GameFirst installed. If you do have it and it's not the version from a month ago...
Remove with extreme prejudice at this point - and make sure you turn it completely off before doing so! It's been known to cause issues rather than solve them.
The newer versions seem to work better but I wouldn't be surprised if it was getting in your way.
Only other thing that comes to mind is don't mess with ports at all and set your router to DEFAULT settings.
Maybe try to set your connection's DNS server to (Google).

I hope you get to enjoy your expensive piece of machinery as the PC master-of-all-things intended as soon as possible.

05-18-2015, 05:21 PM
This smells like GameFirst III trickery again.
check if you have ASUS GameFirst installed. If you do have it and it's not the version from a month ago.
I hope you get to enjoy your expensive piece of machinery as the PC master-of-all-things intended as soon as possible.
This could it be...but not have to be.

In my case.I have install my G751JY clean after unboximg.
means...delete the Recovery Partition...delete the Main partitions on the Boot Device...symply all of them.

Then i install a clean new Win 8.1 without Bloatware...from Asus and Third Party.
I also play BF3 and BF4 and know this Situation.
Its simply a not capaple EA or Dice programmers issiue for not deliver a enproduct of a game.
See map freezing in the begining BF3...or could not join Server...loose EA connection ....
also at recent BF3 with all the patches
best of all but was the Netcode in BF4 unplayable for the first 6 month....or cloud Sync was also a desaster

Its simply a comunication Failure from time to time between EA server and the origin Client

iIn my case i stoped the Origin Task...then i restart it and im searching a outher server to join
or i reinstall punkbuster A...because of some Reason wasnt working

also try in Chrome ---> chrome://plugins
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