View Full Version : My G751JY won't start

05-20-2015, 03:09 AM
I just got my brand new G751JY from newegg, and I plugged it in and let it charge for about 30 minutes. However when I hit the power button, the power button lights up with the keyboard backlight and a few indicator lights turn on for about 15 seconds but then nothing else. The screen doesn't react at all, no blacklight or anything. I haven't even had a chance to do anything with my laptop and I feel like I am going to have to say it's DOA.

05-23-2015, 07:42 PM
What exactly do you expect from this forum now? You should return the laptop and get a new one. I hope you knew that already ;-)

05-23-2015, 09:06 PM
I have the exact same issue, except my screen went black while updating all the windows updates. I am currently plugged into DVI to my monitor
trying to figure out how to fix it.,
Any help would be awesome....