View Full Version : Any Tips on Squeezing more power safely out of the 980M on the JY?

05-20-2015, 07:26 AM
Got a free copy of The Witcher 3 when i purchased this 751jy and am loving the game. Only Downside is it's the first one thats actually given this laptop an issue running on full ultra. Frame rate is around the mid twenties to thirties. Granted knocking it down to high boosts it right back up to the 40's to 60. Was just curious if there where a good thread or two i could be pointed at for possible tips on overclocking ETC. Heat is a non issue on this game surprisingly as well. Anyways ya'll have a great day. Still Loving this computer as well.

05-20-2015, 11:30 AM
Any effective OC is never "safe".
1.st You can use asus GPU twek for graphics card

2.nd Use nibitor (nvidia bios editor) to change values. - has many problems risks and also benefits.

3.rd most hardcore way:
I know this guy from my MSI days. He has EC and bios editor and can force values even outside vbios limitations. (Because nvidia fights overclocking pretty hard and just flashing vbios with differet values doesnt always means it will run on them.) You can also completely overdo cooling profiles, fan behaviour and so on.