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05-20-2015, 05:07 PM
I'm thinking of buying this laptop in the new few days, but before I do, I'd like some additional information about it. So far, I have seen issues - some customers reporting issues such as the USB ports, random restart. Does the left side ports of the laptop not work properly? I use a Corsair M45 usb 2.0 mouse on the left side of my current laptop and am accustomed to it. Will my mouse work on the left side ports of the laptop without any problems? Is there any manufacturing fault affecting all the G751 line such as audio or any other problem that I should know before purchasing this laptop? Lastly, I see there is 1 hard drive bay, and another bay for the M.2/HDD. Is a caddy provided in which I can mount my own 2.5" SSD into the M.2 bay?


05-20-2015, 05:26 PM

The USB problems seemed to be mostly related to memory drives, not peripherals. My mouse has been plugged into the left side and never had a problem. As I recall one of the BIOS updates addressed said USB issues to some degree. The random restart thing is a very rare case. Only such issues I've found are related to using ASUS GPUTweak and Intel XTU. There are no manufacturing faults to speak of, I've seen 5 G751s and they were practically identical in every single way, they're built very well in my experience. It feels reasonably stable. Audio disbalance issues were resolved by means of software, some people still report crackling issues as can be see in one of the threads here. Some users report backlight bleed on the screen but this is difficult to spot unless the screen is a dark color.

Regarding the bay - if you buy a model with just a hard drive, no SSD, you will get the hard drive in its own caddy and another 2.5 inch caddy preinstalled for you where the M.2 bay is. If you purchase one with a M.2 preinstalled, iirc, you get the M.2 bay holder, but no 2.5 inch drive caddy to use if you want to use that type of drive.

Be aware that some of the laptops that come with just the HDD don't have the M.2 socket added - just the bare connectors on the board. Mine was like this but after I RMA'd it, they changed the board with one that has said connector.

What exact model are you looking to buy? There are some model - specific quirks that I can think of that a lot of experienced users here are familiar with. Depending on how much memory you have preinstalled, there are some things to note. First, you need 1.35v DDR3L memory running at (recommended) 1600MHz. Second, whatever memory you get it with, up to 16GB, will be installed under the keyboard and cannot be user accessed. If you get it with more, the 2 slots under the laptop will also be filled. I personally advise getting one with 16GB of memory, it's quite sufficient, I make do just fine with 8. If you have your own 2.5 inch SSD and it's of high class, I recommend staying off the M.2 options but if you get a good price on one, it might be worth it to go for that.

Overall, the G751 is great value and very reliable in my experience. The screen is amazing, the keyboard feels amazing, the sound is good if you know how to tune it and there's nothing on the market right now that it won't run well at High settings (some games like Witcher 3 give it a hard time).

EDIT: Forgot to mention that a few months ago some users were getting laptops that had some of the keys around Tab, Tilde, ESC etc. be tilted in and looking broken. Not seen this personally.

05-27-2015, 04:23 AM
I just bought the G751ch and so far love it. As said it came with one terabyte drive and a second bay with a caddy and connector for a sata 3 SSD. I used backtracker to put the factory install on a usb stick pulled the 1 tb drive, installed the SSD sata 3 and recovered the box to factory. Put the other drive back and formatted it. so far it's great. Seems very well built and had some of the best overall reviews for price and quality/power. I also saw a few reviews about bad hardware but I figure most are just fine. If it's not dead within 30 days it will probably run for years. Good luck, I don't think you can go wrong with this one although I'm not big on win 8 without a touchscreen but maybe win 10 will be better. Since its primarily for gaming once I get steam running I'll be just fine.

05-27-2015, 05:20 AM
I upgraded my G75 to the G751JY and it is a beautiful powerful system but two things that piss me off no end is the backlit keyboard is so dark
you cannot quickly make out the keys and the hard drive is very slow. I actually find myself using the G75 more than this one for these two reasons.
Too picky perhaps but when you spend nearly $4000AUD I think you have a right to be.

I have also owned a G51. To me this G751 laptop is not made by gamers for gamers. I'd look at some of the other gaming laptop vendors as well before
blindly buying this one.

05-27-2015, 09:39 AM


Be aware that some of the laptops that come with just the HDD don't have the M.2 socket added - just the bare connectors on the board. Mine was like this but after I RMA'd it, they changed the board with one that has said connector.


Be aware that NOW even if you order G751JY with two drives SSD and HDD it does not mean that SSD is using M.2 connector nor that this connector even exists at your laptop!
You must ENSURE at your G751JY reseller that this specific laptop you are buying has working M.2 connector... and ensure if SDD is using M.2 or just SATA3 connector instead.

05-27-2015, 09:45 AM
Mhm. As far as I recall these only ship from factories with M.2 SSDs. If there's a 2.5 inch SSD in there, again, as far as I recall, that means that the retailer added it on.