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05-22-2015, 02:34 AM
Hi :-)

I need to connect to a high speed internet connection (120 Mbps) with no wire between the wireless modem and my PC

What equipment do I need ?

When I look at the ISP's approved wireless modem list available in my area all I see are combo modems and wireless router in the same box. But the instructions posted on the manufacturer's page state that you connect the modem to the coax output jack and the connect the modem with an ethernet line to your PC. But that is what I want to avoid - a wire running from the wireless modem to my PC. What am I not understanding here?

I have an insane landlord who won't let me run a coax from my coax output connection to my PC across the room because he thinks it looks messy.

Other than moving to another apartment with a normal landlord what can I do ??

The only ISP approved wireless modem available to me is an ARRIS / Motorola Surfboard SBG6782-AC 3.0 Cable Modem and Wi-Fi Router- Retail Packaging (SBG6782-AC)


The manufacturers quick set up guide says to:
Connect the coaxial cable to the cable
wall outlet or RF splitter (optional) and the
connector on the SBG6782-AC.
Hand tighten each connector.

Connect the Ethernet cable to the
port on your computer and an
port on the SBG6782-AC.

Connect the power cord to the
on the SBG6782-AC and then plug it into
an electrical wall outlet.

Do I need to do step 2. to get a wireless connection to my ROG? Do I need some kind of USB plugin receiver to receive the signal from the modem so I would not have to use an ethernet connection from the modem to my PC? I obviously don't get it.

I need a copy of "How to Set Up A Wireless Modem for Dummies"

05-22-2015, 03:33 AM
You might able to use a longer coax/LAN cable run along (or even underneath) baseboards, door frames, ledges, lintels, and sills - perhaps even one with inoffensively-coloured sheathing which matches the walls/etc - it wouldn't need to travel directly across the floor or "look messy" and offend your insane landlord, lol. If you're able to go pro, you could even run your network cabling inside the walls with access points at properly dedicated wall outlets. Even an excessively long cable run would still be faster and more secure than wireless.

I think you can skip "Instruction Step 2", though. The internet landline comes from a mysterious hole in the wall and plugs into the WiFi networking device (in this case a broadband cable plugs into a Motorola cable modem), and it's just a matter of pairing the wireless access point with a wireless device (in this case the 802.11ac built into your ROG machine). You may need to use a physical connection during the setup process, for whatever arcane reasons your ISP has dictated, but (if so) this should only be temporary and not needed during subsequent use. Describe your ideal setup with your ISP's tech support people beforehand to determine if they offer a better solution.

05-22-2015, 05:13 AM
Thanks Korth, particularly for the second paragraph. The recommendations of the first paragraph are what the former tenant did. The Landlord actually ripped it up. OMG !