View Full Version : Battery stats not updating

05-22-2015, 01:53 PM

I bought a new battery because my old one would shutdown the computer at 50%. With my new one, it worked pretty well in the beginning, when at some point the computer shut down all of a sudden (with maybe 40% left).
I'm not sure if it's the battery, the hardware or software. My battery indicator in windows 8.1 doesn't really display any changes in battery time or battery percentage left :S

It only displayed the percentage before, then I uninstalled the ACPI driver (and rebooted, so it would reinstall). That worked at first, the time would come back and show how much power was left. But how it's just stuck on 2 hours and 36 minutes left with 96% battery.

Anyone else had the same experience with their pc?

I have a ASUS g74sx