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05-24-2015, 10:57 PM
I have run RealBench several times with the native grafic in the Intel 4770K an everyting has been fine.
Some Days ago I switched the graf to Nvida 960 and disabled the native Intel graf-driver and also switched in the bios to "only pcie grafic"

System runs fine, but when I start RealBench I can not see the video where the guys are cooking on liquid nitro any more. The video just doesn't show up.

How can that come? And on what alternative is it that the video showes up (I have forgotten that).

Asus Z97 pro
Intel 4770K
Nvida gtx 960
Windows 8.1
RealBench v2.2

Does anyone has a clue? Is it a glitch in RealBench or has it to do whith anything else?

05-25-2015, 01:38 PM
If your running the benchmark, the video plays during the OpenCL portion. I don't have an explanation why the video is not showing for you.

05-25-2015, 09:33 PM
Thank you for input.
I downloaded the latest version (RealBench v2.41) but there were no change, no video.


05-27-2015, 12:56 AM
Just an update.

After I had tested the other benchmarks for while trimming for higher scores, all of a sudden the video turned on.
It went on playing under the "Heavy Multitasking" part. :)