View Full Version : CS:GO wont go over 120 stable fps.

05-26-2015, 02:40 PM
Hi guys, i have a problem with my G750JS. I have a feeling it wont use all the power my system could deliver with CS:GO. I tried virtually everything, and still max 120 stable fps, and CPU usage is at 45% at max. I tried the following things.

Set priority to high
Set affinity to all cores
Unpark cores
Lower graphical settings
Overclocking CPU and GPU
Various gameboosters and stuff.

The most curious thing about it. My 3 years old MacBook is able to run CS:GO with 180 fps stable, but uses 100% of the CPU.

Could you help me out maybe, i really dont know what prevents CS:GO from using my Notebook to its full power.

Thank you in advance.