View Full Version : g20AJ gtx970 with 3840x2160 resolution but only 29htz?`and a few more problems

05-26-2015, 10:09 PM
just bought the g20Aj -nr036s and can say that i am very dissapointed with the problems i am getting.
First of all it seems to be huge problems with this nvidia - hd grapphics combo.. if cable is in hdmi for the hdgraphics, screens flickers every 10 seconds (going blank for a sec) and if its in the hdmi from the nvidiacard it wont start up the screen is black no inputsignal.
I havent installed the latest drivers its the ones that came withthe computer since i read somewhere that the new nvidia could cause problems aswell.

worked well 1 time but after windows update i could not start up.. and had to close and start computer a few times and switch the hdmi cable before it started .. that problem is still there and i dont know what to do..

secondly if its a gtx970 card shouldnnt it be a hdmi2.0 port on the card and support a 4k resolution at 60htz?

its a nice looing chassi quiet and all but tomany problems with the nvidia card.. tried a few settings is bios with no sucess.. the few times i could boot in to the bios before doing the turn off and on dance with the machine..

Is it just my G20AJ or is this common problem? or should i return it