View Full Version : GL551-JM vs GL551-JW

05-26-2015, 10:16 PM
I am super confused. Somebody please help me! I purchased the GL551JW-DS71 from Amazon. I really like the computer but I did notget the IPS screen just the FHD. I want to exchange it for the IPS version. This is all well and good and Amazon will do this for me. However, I contacted ASUS support just to find out a bit more about the differences between the screens. In doing so I was told that the GL551JW is actually not the most recent and that if I wanted to purchase the most recent 551 series I should have gotten the 551JM instead. Amazon lists the 551JM as the older version but ASUS says this is newer. Does anyone understand the differences between these computers?! Aparrently the biggest difference is that the 551JM runs 860M 4gb and the 551JW runs 960M 2 gb. Furthermore, according to ASUS there is a new G552 available but I cannot find it anywhere. What the hell is going on? Does anyone know which one I should buy in the 1200 price range? Please help! No one from ASUS can give me an answer!

05-26-2015, 10:27 PM
Doing more research, the JM was released in late 2014 and the JW was released a bit ago in 2015. Am I really to believe that the JM was released in 2014 and then re-released in 2015? Furthermore, is there even anywhere I can purchase a GL551 with 4gb of video ram anywhere. I cannot even see that such a product is available, but, under the ASUS ROG spects it says that both ther GL551 JM and JW have 2/4 gb DDR5 video ram.