View Full Version : Just like the g750 problem after problem with my new g751jt

05-28-2015, 06:39 AM
So first of all, I'm not going to write much cuz Im tired but Ive been having problem after problem with this laptop.

First of all, on High Performance or Balanced, even with all the settings cranked up and after reformat, my laptop is still very laggy if unplugged. I mean I cant even watch youtube videos without the sound lagging behind about 1 to 2 seconds.
Secondly my screen would go black for no reason for about 3 seconds every 30 min or so.
I tried an external monitor and same problem.(And of course the monitor is a new led asus 28 inch). I tried both hdmi and mini hd.

I spilled water on this unit and sent it to Asus for repair and I got it back even worse.
They say send it back, WHY NOT FIX THE DAMN PROBLEM THE FIRST TIME? i keep having to send it back and forth, I understand I made a mistake at first but now I have to endure this much, and keep waiting for my laptop. Cant I just get a new one, or if Im asking for too much then FIX this one but do a good job. Really dissapointed. Really dont know what to do because I have to go to the E3 convention with this laptop, in June so I know they wont fix it by then. It sucks and very dissapointed. Any tips? I will deff let people on my channel know about this, and trust me , it would be a handful.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: