View Full Version : G73SW Ram Upgrade please help!

05-29-2015, 07:08 AM
Hello I been using my G73SW for 3 years and I been loving this machine because it still runs pretty good, but recently I need to use more programs on my computer like virtual machine, and at the same time I need to be running my regular desktop.

I'm a computer newbie and need some advice. I seem to be lagging on my virtual machine at times and I have no idea why. Sometimes the memory will idle at 60% and sometimes will idle at 87% and I have no idea why.

I also don't understand why CPU idle below 10% sometimes and sometimes will idle 90%+.

Do I need to upgrade my ram? What ram do I need to search for? I think G73SW use "DDR3 SDRAM"?

Note: idling numbers referring about my virtual machine. I don't have any lag on my regular desktop. I have 6GB ram and i gave the virtual machine 2GB.

I search on newegg and there are lots of different numbers behind the DDR3. Which one do I need to search?

Will upgrading my SSD also make my computer from lagging when I run virtual machine?

How much will I need to spend approx?