View Full Version : G55VW Headphone audio not balanced problem

06-04-2015, 02:59 PM

Recently I have been experiencing a problem with the sound from the headphones on my G55VW.
When I listen to music (through app or youtube...) the right earphone sounds like it has a lower output and the left ear sounds normal.
I tried reinstalling the VIA HD audio deck to the latest update available from the Asus site and it didnt change anything ( I had the same version before the installation too.). - I also reset twice afterwards.

1. If I go into the speakers playback devices > advanced and try the test - the volume is balanced on both ears.
2. I noticed that when I get a message on facebook (through chrome) the volume jumps back to normal balance for a short while and then returns to the unbalanced problem... So I assume it is not a hardware problem but something in software...
3. I have tried other headphones, and the same problem happened with all of them....

Please help me this is really annoying.