View Full Version : Can I replace the GL551JW-DS74 hdd with ssd?

06-04-2015, 06:59 PM
I just got the GL551JW-DS74 with the hdd and the ssd but i would like to remove the hdd all together and put another ssd is that possible?

06-04-2015, 07:12 PM

...but uh...doesn't the 551 only have one drive bay? Did you maybe get a model with a SSHD hybrid mechanical drive? That has a small SSD inside the drive for caching (aka loading frequently used things faster).

There's also a small mSATA port for a tiny cache drive to the right of the RAM slots as well.


06-06-2015, 09:42 PM
yes u can change ur PRIMARY HDD (FULL SIZED ONE) TO A SSD ! ..