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06-04-2015, 08:44 PM
Hey, for the last couple days GSYNC mode has been stuck on 100% of the time when the refresh rate is 120 or 144hz. This includes when I'm on the desktop. Which I didn't even think was possible? Anyone have any ideas? I've disabled/re-enabled GSYNC in the drivers, unplugged the monitor, etc.

06-04-2015, 09:27 PM
It's a bug with the nVidia software, that's causing the little red light to be on all the time. Even though g-sync isn't happening when you are in desktop mode. It got introduced a couple patches ago. I wouldn't worry about it.

06-04-2015, 09:44 PM
Ok, thanks.

06-06-2015, 02:17 AM
I am still annoyed by this issue, however, as it makes it impossible to actually tell when GSYNC is on or not.

06-06-2015, 12:01 PM
They fixed that in the latest driver.
Go to nvcp > Manage 3D Settings > Monitor Technology >Set it to ULMB. Apply
Now deactivate ulmb on the monitor itself, unless you want it on desktop.
Do the same thing for all your games but instead select G-sync on Monitor technology.
All your game will run G-sync except desktop.

06-06-2015, 06:52 PM
Seems more like a workaround than a fix compared to how it used to work by properly changing automatically so that we know when it's working properly.

08-25-2018, 12:53 PM
I have same problem now... Asus monitor PG279Q and asus 1080 Ti driver 398.82 and also newest 398.98 not working. Must manually turn on and turn of g-sync.

Really dont need if i surfing on net. I want only automatically runs when i run game, when i quit game then stop g-sync. Thats all.

I am with contact with nVidia and created this issue today.

08-26-2018, 07:07 AM
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