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06-06-2015, 07:43 AM
Hey, ho.

So I've decided to re-paste my G750JZ with some Ultra Liquid and while disassembling the laptop I ripped out 2 pins on the motherboard that were used for keyboard cord and now I cannot connect it as it has nothing to keep it in place.

We'll be back to that later.

I went on as my goal was to re-paste the CPU and GPU. When I finally came to these 2 I had first nightmare-ish experience. The screw taht was under the "if you break this you'll void your warranty" was completely destroyed! The other 3 were great and had no problem unscrewing them but this one was just nub from the start! So the plan to re-paste CPU failed. I just said f**k this and went on to the GPU. Boy oh boy was I in for another horror.

As I finally removed all screws first thing I noticed (Even before that) that the paste was smudging from the GPU's corners, chips, everywhere. And then I finally put the cooling section apart from the actual GPU....I tell you people, it was a scene directly from horror movies. Not only the paste was dripping everywhere and was used way, way, way too much (I could see that in some areas it was like they just used a whole bottle for a tiny chip) it was as if they applied it with a paint and a brush. IT WAS EVERYWHERE. Smudging from all sorts of chips (Even those that it shouldn't be), on the matrix, corners, EVERYWHERE.

I tried really hard but could never in thousand years undo what these monsters did with this poor GPU.

To return to the pulled pin part. Basically I cannot use my keyboard any more as I have pulled out the pins that hold it in place. I was lucky in few tries to get some keys working, maybe like 30% of the whole keyboard (Minus the touch that works perfectly), which is really useless for normal use. So I've decided to look for motherboards as those seem to be the only hope left for this poor abused thing.

So I wonder this: I've read that any G750 motherboard will fit any G750 Asus Rog. Is this true? If so I can get one immediately, otherwise I'll be forced to use second keyboard as there are no MB selling for G750JZ anywhere I've looked so far....

Thanks for the help and answers!

TL: DR Read from the sentense 2 rows above.

06-06-2015, 06:37 PM
Hi! A lot of paste is normal for asus))) sometimes I think they are putting it like butter on bread (more is better) But I never seen before broken screws on radiators mounts on new laptops! I only seen such on use laptops but it can be removed by putting flat screwdriver in and pressing and unscrewing at same time also if it doesn't help it can be drilled out or the hardest but working way is to solder screwdriver to a screw in mostly all time it works.

About motherboards: The shape of pcb is same in g750 series I personally swaped boards from g750jh to g750jx and everything worked fine! You can check what is written on your motherboard in my case on both mb's it was asus g750jw motherboard)) so they where compatible only one thing I done was to flashing bios to correct model after all.

06-06-2015, 06:46 PM
Yeah, the paste job was literally a nightmare.
I see. Yeah I thought so.

P.S: I didn't gave up on the pins yet and somewhat after more than 10h of trying (I literally went to bed today at 12AM, didn't sleep) I managed to get keyboard working again! This is being typed from it as we speak! However some functions are missing because I used duck tape to get it in place. Things like brightness and few other FN funtions are not working, others work just fine. (LOL).

Tomorrow I'll try again and hopefully get it working as buying new MB for a freaking 2 tiny pieces of plastic is really absurd.

06-08-2015, 12:47 AM
There is a lot of paste because the original thermal "paste" is not paste but sort of a sticker that is bigger than the CPU and has it gets heat-cycled it melts and oozes around the cpu and the gpu.

There is no need to change the board, those are called FPC zif sockets and are very easy to replace, you just need a soldering iron and a new one, I do that everyday.

If its the small connector its just used for the backlit, the big one is for the keyboard in itself, and if some keys don't work you also didn't place the keyboard ribbon(FPC) totally straight into its zif socket.

06-08-2015, 10:14 AM
yesd the stuff you saw was more a sort of gap filler to cool the memory chipsas the cooler itself isnt completly flat it needs stuff to cool and also fill the gaps. i repasted mine as well and used the k5-pro stuff wich can be found on the net. to just use thermal paste would be a bad idea since that will not fill those gaps. I repasted mine with as5 on the gpu core itself

06-08-2015, 01:48 PM
well the big one is connected and tight in place yet kb still doesnt work properly

06-08-2015, 01:52 PM
i used Coollaboratory Ultra and repasted it with that a lot of goo is still all over the board thought..

06-08-2015, 02:27 PM
Like this?