View Full Version : Someone could help me with an issue with the battery??

06-06-2015, 04:04 PM
Hello Everyone!

Im having a problem with the battery configuration...

I was just browsing in the internet and watching some videos while i had the battery at "energy saving", but a few minutes later i found that it switched back to "High Performance"... The laptop is set to change the battery settings automatically???

And if so why it changed from the energy saving to high performance and not the medium setting.

EDIT: I just found the cause of the problem... the main "window" of windows 8 pop up suddenly showing some changes in one of the sections that it displays and when that happens my battery configuration is changed...

(Now i need a way to avoid that window to pop up, specially when im playing)

06-09-2015, 02:23 AM
First. Sorry t double post but i needed a BUMP

Im still having the same problem im browsing or playing or doing anything and suddenly the mosaic tab in windows 8 pops up.
Its starting to annoy me...
Besides if im using the laptop with the battery only, I choose the equilibrated battery setting to make it last longer, but when this problem happens the battery switch to High Performance setting.

I erased all the icons in the mosaic window, but the problem still persist...

I went to windows support and they told me to use the warranty of the laptop (i bought it 6 days ago) because it could be a problem with the OS...
But i don't want to go to the store and ask for a change of laptop...

Anyone knows a way that i could fix this or should i really go to the store and use the warranty... i don't think that the problem is that serious at all... but annoys me.

06-13-2015, 06:07 AM
ok. if you want some good advice, i would tell you to get rid of windows 8. it sucks. it is a horrible os. either go back to windows 7, or upgrade to windows 10. do a google search about windows ten, and it will show you have to join the insiders program, and how to upgrade to windows ten. everyone will be doing this anyway in a month, so this just gets you started a little sooner. hope it helps.

Space Paste
06-13-2015, 11:38 AM
Oh man...this is probably going to sound weird that I'm suggesting this as the culprit. Did you update the ASUS Screen Saver program to the latest version (2.0.8 last I checked) by any chance?

I had this very problem you're describing and version 2.0.8 of ASUS Screen Saver from the official support site caused this problem. The stock version on my laptop, version 2.0.5, didn't create this behavior. Originally, I had thought this only happened once and sometime after boot, but I started to notice this was a regular occurrence.

Long story short, I only know the latest version of the ASUS Screen Saver utility caused the problem because Windows Event Viewer was pointing out this behavior and the offending executable.

Check my thread here where I went into quite a bit of detail:

G751JY - Power Management plan keeps reverting to "High Performance" after boot. (https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?60957-G751JY-Power-Management-plan-keeps-reverting-to-quot-High-Performance-quot-after-boot)

If you're not using version 2.0.8 of the ASUS Screen Saver utility, here are the steps I recommend you follow to help you diagnose the issue:

Pay very close attention to your laptop's behavior. When your power management setting automatically switches to High Performance you should note the time of occurrence down to the very second.
Open Event Viewer found within the Administrative Tools folder from the Start screen (or Start menu if you're a Start8/Classic Shell user).
Within Event Viewer, look for system events under Windows Logs > System. Organize all events by date and time, then find any timestamps matching what you noted from last occurrence of this bug.
Clicking any matching timestamps under the source UserModePowerService. The bottom half of the Event Viewer screen will give further information about the event you clicked, where you can find the name of the executable file linked to the event.

I attached a sample image of the Event Viewer. Please, share your results whenever it's convenient for you to do so. :)

06-15-2015, 07:49 PM
First. Sorry t double post but i needed a BUMP

Im still having the same problem im browsing or playing or doing anything and suddenly the mosaic tab in windows 8 pops up.
Its starting to annoy me...

If you keep randomly getting back to the Win8 'start screen', you may want to change some of the touchpad settings under the Smart Gesture software as mentioned in the thread below.