View Full Version : ROG G20AJ Virtuwatt uninstalled by ASUS ROG Command

06-08-2015, 01:38 AM
I recenty opened Asus ROG Command to check out if there were any firmware/software updates.

There was one, for Virtuwatt, named uninstall, which I ran, a dos prompt window opened which said something akin to: "To avoid incompatibility between graphics drivers, Virtuwatt will now be uninstalled"

And thats it? It kinda just sat there as I never used the ecomode from my G20, but if I ever want to use it (and since it's supposedly a selling point) I guess I won't be able to. Will they come out with a new/revised version of Virtuwatt that can safely be used with the G20?

PS: The Virtuwatt program is still avaliable for download in the G20's support section on ASUS website.