View Full Version : Surround configuration laptop display not available

06-08-2015, 06:31 AM
Hi... I recently bought a ROG 751JT CH71. im new to Nvidia cards and Laptop configurations so I dont really know what im supposed to do

I was wondering if I could use my 2 external monitors (Nova 1920x1080), (AOC 1920x1080) together with the Laptop Display screen
to have a triple screen setup to be used for gaming. I thought my card could support a triple screen setup (GTX 970m) however
whenever I try to use the surround configuration, PhysX only my 2 external monitors is available for Surround Config.

is there a certain configuration that must be done? or a External Adapter that I need, to manage a triple screen setup with just my Laptop screen and 2 other External monitor?