View Full Version : Which one should I pick?

06-14-2015, 12:58 AM
So.. There are various models out there it seems :rolleyes:

Which of the following should I go for:

i7-4790 with 980
i7-4790 with 970


I5-4460 with 980
I5-4460 with 970

Obviously the i7 + 980 is the most expensive one.. But is it worth it, or would the i5 do the job?
My worst fear would be the i5 CPU causing the GPU to bottleneck! :eek:

Also.. Looking at a possible screen in case I decide to buy it:

ASUS VG248QE - 24" (any feedbak on this screen is welcome) I Haven't been able to find any other affordable monitors with 120Hz or above.. Other then the AOC ones (haven't seen any positive reviews of those).

I just recently sold the G751JY I had.. And after having to deal with 3 RMA's within 4 months, I really hope the build and quality is better than the laptops.

06-14-2015, 02:25 AM
Hello Sagi !

Any one of the two i7 - 4790, the 4790 has hyper-threading which will benefit in games that support it. The 980 is on average 5 - 10 FPS faster than the 970 so you can make the call. Here are some benchmarks of the 970 and 980 at 1080p.