View Full Version : G751 Subwoofer has feedback issues with higher than moderate volumes

Black Gun
06-14-2015, 04:03 AM
Hey guys,

I got a fresh G751JT and installed the Realtek audio driver. (At the beginning, I had the well-known issue with the sound only coming through the subwoofer, but since I switched to "5.1 Speaker" in the realtek hd audio manager, this has been fixed.)

My main issue that has plagued me before and isnt solved yet is that the subwoofer part of the audio is making very high-pitched, high-frequency noises whenever the music volume gets to even moderate levels. It's like... the feedback when someone slaps a plugged in micro at a concert or public speech... (Does anyone know the exact word for that?)

Turning down the subwoofer levels in the volume control does affect this issue, but I would have to almost turn it off entirely to get rid of the feedback-like noise. This is not an option since the sound is **** without the subwoofer at at least 50%. And even with my subwoofer set to 50% and the overall volume set to 30%, this issue still occurs very frequently.

Is that a common issue with this notebook and/or does anyone have an idea how to fix it?