View Full Version : G751JY-T7146H Keyboard backlight issue - Uneven brightness

06-15-2015, 06:22 PM
Hi all. I just purchased the middle east version of the G751JY. Hulking beast of a laptop.

Out of the box the light only works correctly under the numpad. The rest of the keyboard lights up but is significantly dull.
fn-F3 and fn-F4 works as it should, 3 brightness levels and off. I then proceeded to update the ATK, Intel chipset and KB Filter drivers from the international Asus website.
Still the same.

Here is a photo at the highest brightness setting http://imgur.com/zZ6P3ex.

I do not want to RMA the laptop just yet, I don't trust the service guys, and parts may take days:(.
Has anyone seen this before?
Perhaps a loosely connected cable at the back, or something more like badly soldered backlight connections?