View Full Version : 3DMark 11 High-Temple 1080P trailer preview

10-22-2010, 04:00 AM
After the Deep Dive submarine level shown a while ago we have a new 3DMark 11 trailer to share with you. Created entirely with DirectX 11 and presented in 1080p the 3DMark 11 "High Temple" trailer is a glimpse of the graphics gamers can expect from DirectX 11 games in years to come.

The ruined rem ains of a lost civilization. An abandoned dig site. Secrets hidden deep in the jungle are uncovered with atm ospheric lighting and DirectX 11 tessellation.

High Temple is a demonstration of DirectX 11 technologies using the 3DMark 11 engine. It does not represent the final scope of the 3DMark 11 benchmark and does not produce a 3DMark score. There are no plans to release the High Temple tech demo to the public. The High Temple video trailer was rendered by the 3DMark 11 engine using readily available DirectX 11 hardware, captured at high resolution and then compressed into video formats suitable for the Internet. The High Temple trailer features a mysterious ruined temple overgrown by encroaching jungle. Volumetric lighting illuminates the scene with tessellation used to add rich detail to the temple carvings and the jungle foliage. Post processing delivers depth of field and other lens effects. The music is an original composition by renowned composer Pedro Macedo Camacho ...



10-22-2010, 04:47 AM
Nice looking!