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12-05-2011, 05:36 PM
Not too long ago i purchaised a asus gaming notebook g74sx x dh71 thrue amazon.com for 1669$ + payed around 400$ for customs clearance. Brought home-unpacked-launched it up-saw "dead from a box" product.correctly it wasn't "dead" it had gpu artifacts all over the matrix (red/purple horizontal lines).Of course i knew it was some broken contact on the gpu chip.First thing i did i gave it a little pressure by pressing on the space between keyboard and numpad sections (where the gpu lies) and suddenly all artifacts disappeared until i moved my finger away.Then i made a fast windows registration and logged in the desktop screen which was freezing as hell so i tried to restart it manually with alt+f4 but it just lagged and gave me dump screen (blue screen full of numbers and letters).Then i just logged in with the "safe mode" (still with the artifacts) i logged in to the Internet to download fullmark gpu test (just to check if the gpu is alive) then i installed it but when i tried to run it up it gave me error "Could not initialize ZoomGPU.furMark startup failed.Bye! ".Then i tried to test it with a regular way by installing GTA4 and after when i pressed on the "launch the game" button i had black screen....RESTART AGAIN !...didn't help....black screen-reinsert the battery-started up it again-no black screen still lots of artifacts.Checked in the device management-display adapters-yellow exclamation mark on the Nvidia gtx 560m ! (ofc i tried to naively update the drivers but the laptop didn't find the gpu again!)

Fun begins now !
First i called and informed amazon.I told them that i want to replace my broken notebook with the new one they said "Ok but you have to send a broken back and we will exchange it within 3 days" i told them that its nearly impossible to send something from my country to USA (takes around 2 weeks of registering your invoice in the Ministry of Economics+takes 1 week to send your package and they told me that they wont cover the transfaring money so that's more 1300$ to register-send and recive it back....) so they told me to inform asus and that was the best they can do...And then I started searching for official asus representatives in my country (Georgia.(PS. NOT the USA Georgia ,its based near the Russia in the Caucasus) so i found their number then i called them ,then spoke with them explained my problem they told me i have to register my warranty which comes with the notebook.At that moment i really didn't knew how to do that so i thought i have to fill in the warranty card which came with the notebook like "your name,zip,etc etc" but i didn't understand which address line did they need from me...the address where i live or US address where my notebooks invoice is registered(by the company which sends stuff from amazon to my country).So i called asus costumer support in the US.First call was totally waste of time/money(and believe me its VERY expensive to call from my place to US!) they were asking my name/notebooks serial and bla-bla-bla! bang and i lose all my mobile phone credits...then i recalled them back and just asked them to answer to my question !First thing i asked about invoice address or my home address (PS i explained him the situation) he answered me "We need your real address...Where you live!" I asked ONE MORE time the operator "Do I need to send this "warranty blank" to you guys right ?- Yes Sir right!-Ok,shell i receive any documents or letters to my real address ?-No Sir you will get answer only by your contact e-mail."
After i did all the procession-filled in all my information in the warranty card.Then i went to the Fed Ex post office-putted warranty card with the copy of my amazon invoice in a envelope (thought just to be sure that that they wont need any evidence that i bought it) payed 40$ thou....
After 3-4 days i checked my tracking number.At this moment it was already delivered to the Asus Computer International in the Fremont California and signed by some person named S.Man.After i registered the product in vip.asus.com(btw it was a total lack with russian translation) and then i clicked on the "warranty activation" section....and boy i was confused....for me it was a big surprise than no one from the asus company even bothered treeing to write that ACTUALLY YOU CAN register warranty ONLINE on the warranty card booklet.....................i have read the warranty card VERY carefully and checked even warranty information online in the support.asus.com but i didn't find any info how to register your warranty........so now 3 days have passed and i really don't know what to do....will i receive an email? should i call them? did i send them my latter pointlessly and should that even work ?!....i don't know, i know that I'm very disappointed in the asus and amazon...

So any bright suggestions folks ?

btw some picz


12-05-2011, 05:51 PM
That looks like a no video signal condition. If I were you I'd open her up and see if the cable to the monitor is loose or needs to be reseated. Hopefully its not the cable end in the lid because that's hard to open without damage.

Here's a guide to disassembly http://btoforums.com/showpost.php?p=18112&postcount=4

12-05-2011, 07:30 PM
No mate no chance its some sort of "video signal" problem " i gave it a little pressure by pressing on the space between keyboard and numpad sections (where the gpu lies) and suddenly all artifacts disappeared until i moved my finger away" just like it sounds....but my question was about the warranty any suggestions ?

12-05-2011, 07:37 PM
Plus i cant launch games

12-05-2011, 09:51 PM
You have to register an invoice with the "Ministry of Economics" to mail a package, that sucks worse than the broken laptop. Sorry buddy.

12-06-2011, 05:31 AM
You have to register an invoice with the "Ministry of Economics" to mail a package, that sucks worse than the broken laptop. Sorry buddy.
Sounds a bit Orwellian...

12-06-2011, 07:23 AM
Yes lol :D
But really my question is will the receive warranty that i sended ? That is the main thing which bothers me now....

12-06-2011, 10:56 AM
Asking here is not going to get you a real answer. Call asus and ask them.

Most of us have opinions that tend to be on the low side when it comes to anything Asus but their hardware, and that is probably changing, too. So any answer will be biased towards the negative... :shrug: