View Full Version : Dissapointed with Asus

12-06-2011, 05:56 PM
Ok I'm the proud owner of a factory refurbished J73JW-3DE and owned it since mid October. For the first few weeks the computer ran as advertized but then it started to have random freezes. Not blue screen just the system locked, no input allowed, no buttons work except the power button. The freezes were totally random, sometimes the system would work fine for days then wham, frozen. Usually rebooting would fix the freeze but not always. Thought it was a software/driver problem so upgraded to win7 ultimate and installed all the latest drivers, bios and drive firmware. Meanwhile I continued to install my software and use the system, rebooting as often as needed to keep the system running. I then found that things froze even when in dos mode or running linux (hardware problem??). Needless to say I spent many days trying to troubleshoot the problem ( I'm not a novice at this). Sent a message to tech services and got a canned email back about 48 hr response. After 48hr nothing, 3 weeks still nothing. Still having random lock up problems and established heat was not a factor. Would have times where the OS drive would do slow access, so as I had an older SSD in my desktop, I replaced the boot drive with the SSD. Had much trouble getting the data transferred from the boot drive (Seagate momentus XT 500GB) but finally got the SSD installed and the system working. Surprise!! No more lockups!! And the boot times are fantastic. Meanwhile still no response from tech support. As an additional note attempting to install the boot drive causes problems in my desktop, win7 won't see it under computer management so drive is FUBAR. As the computer is supposedly under warranty I called the Asus notebook hotline wanting to send the drive back and get a replacement. That's where I got the big run around. according to the phone rep the only choice I have is to package the whole computer and send it in for repairs. Instead of shipping a 8 oz drive they tell me I have to ship the 9+ lb unit complete at the cost of about $30 plus, then wait for them to repair and return the system - about a 2 week turn around. Needless to say I'm on a fixed income and don't have any extra funds at the moment plus can't really spare the cost for something that should have been fully functional. I argued with the phone rep and he tells me that if I had purchased a new unit vs a factory refurb that they could just send me a replacement drive but as a refurb unit I had to send the whole item in. As I use it all the time I don't want to send in my system as it works now, I just want a replacement drive for the bad one. Silly as the drive is small enough to put in a protected envelope and cost very little to mail instead I must spend the time and money to ship the whole system back. Also I need to return the system to as close as possible to how it was when I received it. I needed to back up all the data on the drives before sending it back - on to what I don't know as I'm out of storage space. Going to be at least a week of work trying to do just that. None the less the phone rep was like talking to a stone wall telling me that just because it was going to cause me financial difficulty that wasn't Asus' problem. I've never had a company that didn't at least try to work things out as simply as possible. According to the drives there has been less than 600 hr of run time so this is basically a new system. This is going to be my last Asus purchase as the support was the worst I've ever experienced. Never had a manufacturer provide such poor support. Guess it's time to switch to MSI products as in the past I've had many things exchanged without a problem. Don't get me wrong, now that the computer runs without problems I love it, I just don't like being stuck paying to repair something that is "Factory refurbished like new with a 90 day warranty". If its factory refurbished it should be considered as new (and with less than 600hr it should still have most f its 2 yr warranty)