View Full Version : G55VW Charge Status Flickering

06-21-2015, 05:57 AM
I've been having some trouble with my G55VW lately. I sent it in for repair but sadly it wasn't fixed and I was curious if anyone here might have any insight on my problem.

When I do things like play certain games like Dark Souls or Resident Evil 6, the power notification will flicker letting me know that it has shifted from AC power to Battery power, and it will repeatedly go back and forth for as long as I'm performing the task. The battery will slowly drain doing this. The battery functions independently well enough, holding a reasonable charge and seemingly it hasn't degraded too much. The AC Adapter is a universal adapter which is set to the correct settings, and also fully powers the laptop without the battery inside. I was able to play games for a couple hours without any interruption. It also charges another laptop's battery with no issues.

I've also noticed that if the battery is drained below 90%, performing any task such as opening a tab in my browser or even simply starting up, the power flickering will continue.

From what research I've been able to do, it seems that my battery may be at fault? I'm not sure where I can get a battery for this machine at this point.

Any thoughts or suggestions are very much appreciated and I'll provide any other information you might need.

(I'm running Windows 7 Professional and have reformatted twice if that's of any relevance)

07-05-2015, 04:57 AM
Im actually having the same issue. Mine seems to switch back and forth between charging and battery power weather im playing a game or just browsing the internet. If I close the lid or it just idles without any task running, it seems to charge normal. You had any luck or does anyone else know what may be the cause of this? Its the only issue im having now and would like to get it resolved. Any help would be appreciated.