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06-21-2015, 02:19 PM
Hello everyone!

So after having my laptop G751JT for about half a year (more or less) suddenly my mice (GX850) stopped working but the lights are still on, the mouse porgram does recognize the mice when its plugged and when its not.
I havent installed any new drivers for the mice only thing changed was some windows updates but i highly doubt thats what causes the problem.

things I've tried to fix the issue:
1. plug to all the usb ports(3.0 all of them)
2. reinstall drivers (maybe didnt install them right)
3. update laptop BIOS
4. tried to see if it works on safe mode

1.I havent tried the mouse on different PC's as i dont have any but the laptop.
2. the light on the mice are ON.
3. the buttons dont respond

could anyone take a picture or at least check if their mouse infrared light is visible under the phone camera as mine isnt but if it was an issue with the laser the mice should still be able to click.

06-22-2015, 01:07 AM
Hi edix,

Did you try uninstalling the drivers for the mouse or rolling back the drivers? Each USB port has its own memory for the drivers so since you tried other USB ports and it's the same issue then likely the mouse is defective. A very small possibility is that your USB 3.0 host controller driver was updated recently by Windows update and it's causing conflict with your devices. I had that happen to one of my PC systems where my USB 3.0 host controllers were updated to a Windows WDM version and after that my mouse only had power but stopped responding. I rolled back the drivers to the previous one and it started working again (this was more than a year ago when it happened).

Hope this may help you.