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11-05-2010, 04:23 AM
UPDATE: 07 May 2010
SetFSB onwards now contains PLL data for G51J.
SetFSB onwards now contains PLL data for G73JH.
Donate and use normal "Set FSB" functionality instead. It allows automatic over&underclocking with command line startup shortcut, and greater breadth of underclocking (theoretical min of 41 BCLK) - not that it'll ever turn a G51J into the battery life of a UL50VT but meh. YMMV

This Confirmed to Work On:
- Asus G51J-A1 (i7-720qm to about BCLK 147/3.08GHz max, 2x2Gb Samsung 1066MHz to 1200) [myself & ryzeki]
- Asus G51Jx (i3-330M to ~BCLK 166/2.66GHz, 8Gb 1066MHz to 1333) [oneb1t]
- Asus G73JH-A2 (i7-720qm to about BCLK 157/3.2GHz max, 4x2Gb Kingston 1333MHz to 1570) [betaflame]
- Asus G60Jx (i7-820qm to about BCLK 153/3.52GHz max, 8Gb Micron 1066MHz to 1226) [pugboy]

The Tool:
Latest version confirmed also to work but of course loses some functionality pending a donation.
Of course the latest version may be better if we can find out what PLL the G51J has (anybody got a naked G51J/G60J motherboard around?) - we may be able to use the SetFSB functionality in the future.
Other tools able to edit PLL registers may work.

The Method:
1. Set "Clock Generator" to "PLL diagnosis".
(Well, anything will do really, as this makes no difference, except "G73JH" which causes a freeze on my G51J when I click "Get FSB".)

2. Go to "Diagnosis" tab and click "Get FSB".

3. In "PLL Control Registers", change Offset 00h from 01 to 41.
* This step may not be required:
Power4Gear makes this change whenever an overclocking mode ("Turbo" or "Extreme Turbo") is engaged (it also persists after being turned "Off" via Power4Gear)
nfshp253 reports "already set to 41 in the G51Jx"

- Click the upper-leftmost of the blue numbers, just under the text "PLL Control Registers".
- It will say further down: " Offset 00h(00) Hex 01 "
- Change the red hex value to 41, click Update, click Apply.
- If done properly the blue value at 00h in the PLL Control Registers section will now read 41.

4. The value DIRECTLY below this, 10h, is what you change to get your new, higher, BCLK speed, and therefore CPU & RAM speed . As above, Click it, Change it, Update, Apply, ???, Overclocked!
Note, below 10h values and resulting CPU speeds applicable to i7-720qm only, and observations are for my laptop only:
00 = ~127.9 BCLK = 1535-2686MHz
10 = ~130.6 = 1567-2743MHz
20 = ~133.3, this is the default value 1600-2800MHz
30 = ~135.9 = 1631-2854MHz
40 = ~138.6, this is "Turbo" mode in Power4Gear 1663-2911MHz
50 = ~141.3, this is "Extreme Turbo" mode in Power4Gear 1696-2967MHz
60 = ~143.9 = 1727-3022MHz
70 = ~146.6 = 1759-3079MHz
7C = ~148.6 = 1784-3122MHz (highest stable/crashless/BSODless setting found so far)
80 = ~149.3 = 1792-3135MHz (failed 8-thread Prime95 and BSODded)
90 = immediate freeze (estimate 152.0 Bus = 1824-3192MHz)
*Note: see top of OP for reports of max BCLK with various laptops & configurations.

5. Fire up CPU monitoring program of your choice to check Bus and CPU frequency.

*Note: Power4Gear sets the values at 00h and 10h and a few others as well which I can't see do much at all as yet. The 00h change to 41 persists even after you set the overclock to "Off" after previously setting to Turbo or Ex Turbo. But a hibernate or shutdown [note NOT a restart] will set them back to default, i.e. 00h=01 10h=20, just like with Power4Gear overclocking.*

The Results:


CPUz screen @ 148 Bus, having set 10h to "80"

Or to underclock (underwhelmingly...)

CPUz screen @ 127 Bus having set 10h to "00"

For the record, my RAM is 2x2Gb Samsung DDR3-1066MHz @ 7-7-7-20. Is also rated at DDR3-1210 @ 8-8-8-23.

Stability notes:
10h 80 (148Bus): BSOD while editing a post in Firefox, about 5 or 10 minutes after I set it. Without a single keystroke or button press, the following happened: restart, partial boot Win7, BSOD before login screen, restart, boot into Win7. Which unknown to me was still at 148 Bus [hence why it BSODed while booting] until I ran CPUz later on.
So in summary: these register changes may persist a soft-reboot. I recommend you hard-off your laptop if it craps out at too high a BCLK.

10h 90 (I estimate about 152 Bus): immediate unrecoverable freeze upon clicking Apply. Could move mouse pointer but system totally unresponsive to all but a hard-off.

10h 84 (150.4 Bus): unrecoverable freeze same as above, but about 30 sec into a Cinebench R10 x64 Single-Core run

10h 80 (148 Bus): 8-thread Prime95 began failing, ten seconds later a BSOD. Note I don't think Turboboost was operational during this; very ominous that it failed a multi-core stress-test at less than 1.79GHz...

*NB Bus speeds do tend to jump around a bit, it may just be CPUz's reporting algorithm causing the errors but they do tend to be very stable (+- 0.1) at idle and not so stable under load (+- 0.5 or more?). Furthermore the higher, the more they jump around (e.g. watched for half a minute, mostly between 147.5 and 147.9 but range from 146.7 to 148.0, not exactly indicating stability)

Some Benchmarks:

Cinebench R10 x64 Single-core Benchmark: (10h offset value, approx Bus, result)
20/~132.6: 3446
50/~140.2: 3676
60/~142.8: 3723, 3761
70/~145.6: 3833
80/~148.3: 3923
84: unable to complete

(NB I locked affinity to Thread #3 in Windoze Task Mangler because it seemed to do very very wierd things when set to Affinity #01234567, most obvious being scoring up to 10% or so lower [e.g. 3154 @ stock clocks]. But then I noticed that last month as well with Extreme Turbo mode so maybe it's something to do with overclocking, will do some stock tests to investigate.)

...all those done with a heap of monitoring programs in the background, hence why the scores are a few% lower than other scores around for the same CPU.

CPUz 1.54 Validator:

CPUz validated frequency on a i7 720qm @ max multiplier

CPUz validated BCLK frequency at 10h = "80"

Still to investigate:
Single-core benchmarks.
Multi-core benchmarks with and without TurboBoost.
What may be limiting - Turboboosted single core, temps (doubt it, been hotter & worked), BClk, QPI, memory controller, memory frequency, power brick wattage (seriously doubt it as no GPU used)...

More to come

04-06-2011, 11:31 PM
can you please try this on a g53jw? thanks!

11-16-2011, 03:26 AM
I made a account just to ask this but when I change the 10h well I can't it stays at 30. I have tried the newest version of set fsb and older ones with turbo mode on and off. http://i1127.photobucket.com/albums/l631/laptop4079/asus.png

11-16-2011, 06:26 PM
- Click the upper-leftmost of the blue numbers, just under the text "PLL Control Registers".
- It will say further down: " Offset 00h(00) Hex 01 "
- Change the red hex value to 41, click Update, click Apply.
- If done properly the blue value at 00h in the PLL Control Registers section will now read 41.

In this step I get fsb and the uper left blue number is 29 under pll control reg further down the offset reads ooh (00) hex 29 not the 01 that your instructions read what am I doing wrong?

11-27-2011, 12:19 AM
I have a G73JH and am having the same issues as the people above, it lets me adjust the value of 01h but it won't allow me to save any changes to the value of 10h, any clue why?