View Full Version : PCIE Cable Damaged - Need Replacement

06-24-2015, 08:29 PM
As stated in the title, my 8pin to 8pin pcie cable is damaged there was a kink in the line and it appears almost stripped where the +2 separated from the 6 on one end.

Now im sitting here with my brand new 980ti and no way to hook it up because I only have 8 pin to 6 pin connectors and I need 8 to 8.

The only thing i can find on amazon were 8 to 8 that were in excess of 12 inches long, which will NOT fit inside this case (i tried already, and have to return the one I have)
Does anyone know where I can get a 8 to 8 PCIE connector? Ive tried Asus Parts, tigerdirect, etc. I direct link to the product would be helpful because i'm pulling out my hair over here.

UPDATE: Ok so I have several 6 to 8 pin connectors that are the proper length, but i'm under the impression these won't carry enough power to the video card. Can anyone confirm?

Ok ive called frys, tigerdirect and micro center... no dice!
Amazon only seems to have models well in excess of 12 inches, im here with essentially a bricked computer worth over 2K because i cant find one cable worth probably less then 12 bucks... this is killing me.

So i just did something borderline insane: I took my 18 inch 8 pin to 6+2 pin and.... cut off the 2 on the end and sat with a file and shaved away and smoothed the plastic until i could click it in next to the other PCIE that im already using.
Runs fine (at 90% power draw with afterburner) even with stress testing... so Bingo? I still want the normal cable, so im going to check on my ticket with Asus tomorrow morning to see if any progress has been made.