View Full Version : Free G-Sync G751 Raffle

06-26-2015, 04:57 PM
Register to win a G-Sync G751 official Asus promo!

UPDATE: This promotion is only valid in the USA.

If you want to thank me for some of my forum contributions, or just to help a brother out please use this link to register for your chance to win:



The non-self-serving informational link a.k.a. The forget you, I ain't increasing your odds punk link a.k.a The noooo don't use this link is here:


Anyway odds are pretty good for a raffle at the moment though there are 10 days left as of now. The ask are not too intrusive for entries.

Good luck!

06-26-2015, 05:02 PM
If a mod could correct the spelling of raffle in the title that would be appreciated *sigh* :rolleyes:

06-26-2015, 05:24 PM
Not available in my region -_-

06-26-2015, 05:59 PM
In my also (Poland) . Shame ASUS.

06-26-2015, 06:24 PM
Ah sorry fellas, looks like this is a USA only promotion... I was using my VPN at the time and didn't notice. Totally worth the price of a ticket to go pick it up though, obviously not an option for everyone.