View Full Version : Problems with G72GX

06-26-2015, 05:10 PM
Hello everyone, I have a couple problems with my G72GX:

First, the fan is making an absurdly loud noise, loud enough to not even let me sleep or wake me up when it starts. I have absolutely no idea what it is, but every time it starts, it also makes the computer freezes every couple seconds. I need to take off the lower plastic part and put my finger on the fan pressing it against the board so it stops the noise. I have already disassembled it and cleaned but to no use. This also reminds me that whenever I playing music, if the sound is coming out of the speakers and it's very loud, the laptop will also freezes for a couple seconds, especially on windows and when browsing.

I was wondering if a BIOS update might solve the problem but it led me to a doubt: which BIOS should I put? I have an American Megatrends 302 BIOS. Is it OK to update to the 602? Or do I need to put the latest 302 version?
Also, when I download the latest WinFlash version, it says that it's not compatible with my BIOS so which WinFlash version should I use?

Thanks for the help!

EDIT: a couple updates about the fan situation: the laptop had this going from time to time but very occasinaly. About 2 days ago, the computer crashed into a BSOD when going to sleep. The error showed a Internal Power Error message. After that, the fan problem became permanent. I cannot seem to make it stop. Also, when looking at the BIOS, I noticed that whenever the fan makes this loud noise, the RPM falls to about 300-400 RPM. This makes the processor heat up to the point of shuting down the laptop. Also, when using HWMonitor to look up the temperatures, the program shows 0 RPM on the fan speed. Furthermore, when the RPM falls and the noise and vibration starts, the laptop starts to freeze every 20 or so seconds for some 10 or so seconds and then gets back to normal, only to freeze again shortly. Any thoughts?