View Full Version : First time buyer - G751JT, wanting advice or input from some owners before purchasing

06-27-2015, 11:18 AM
Hello everyone.

I've been browsing gaming laptops for a while now, but could never justify spending the money on due to just having built my desktop. But now my current laptop is on its last leg and I find myself needing some pretty hefty mobile computing power. After some budgeting and some research I've come to the G751JT. Just wanted to check in with some people who have actually owned one and see if you guys have any advice or input on the matter.

I do want an SSD with it, but will probably buy one separately and install it myself to save a few bucks.

My time table isn't super demanding, so I could wait a couple months if it would be beneficial. What do you guys think?


06-29-2015, 04:14 PM
Welcome to the forums!

Might depend on your browser and set up, but if you don't mind doing a search in the ROG forums, you should be able to find posts from other G751JT owners if you're interested.

Not sure how helpful this post is, but found one below you may be interested in.
You probably know many online reseller sites also have reviews that you can check as well.


Hope this helps.

06-29-2015, 04:38 PM
I would wait for the new CPU refresh and guaranteed gsync. Maybe the new models will also come without the sound issues that have plagued G751's so far. If you buy one now you could well get one of the ones with crackling sound that many of us have. Then your only option is posting in a thread full of others and having your issue ignored by Asus. I'm basing my recommendation on you saying you are not on a strict timeline.

06-29-2015, 04:55 PM
Remember, if you don't buy it with the SSD, there is a chance your G751 could came without the M.2 connector (only SATA3).

06-29-2015, 07:03 PM
personally I would wait also . the laptops really good imho but certain upgrades on the horizon to it makes it even better than it is currently -)
I love my laptop and haven't bothered with desktop in weeks if I recall , as others have said , make sure the ssd is swappable/g sync supported and a cpu upgrade ? why not -). early bios etc/sound issues/temps/trackpad issues should all be sorted by then

06-30-2015, 01:09 AM
Awesome! Thanks for the input guys!