View Full Version : g751jy 980m questions for other owners

06-27-2015, 07:08 PM
hiya folks , I got a few questions to any other g751jy owners if you don't mind .
When I look at furmark it shows core speed of 930 ish after benchmarks, afterburner shows 1030 ish .
Tbh I don't know what the base clock speed should be of this card , nor whether the 135mhz boost from afterburner actually works , and if it does is that separate to the 5% overclocking that the gpu should do anyways lol .
I d love to get some clarification on how to get the maximum performance out of the card (including OC'S) and where to actually see them in numbers,
I haven't updated bios since buying the laptop last xmass , would that matter , I dunno . drivers are up to date from NVidia etc.

It feels like the base clock is 890 , then add 5% from the laptops OC along with whatever afterburner gives it (it says 135mhz) on top gets me around 1030-50 MHz , is that right or is the base clock that I have in my head wrong,,,,,

edit . firestrike depending on how high I OC the memory varies from 7950=8100 leaving 135+ core clock OC with afterburner. that shows 1173mhz for the benchmark,,,what to believe
its the 4710/24gig ram model btw

06-27-2015, 07:47 PM
The base core clock is 1038MHz, with boost it goes up to 1127MHz. You can add +135MHz to make it 1262 using ASUS GPU Tweak/MSI Afterburner etc. Default memory clock is 1253MHz / 5010MHz effective.

The presumption is that the 5% quoted is achieved either through the 1-push GPU Tweak for Laptops or through this method.


06-27-2015, 08:02 PM
how come it doesn't show the 135 MHz OC then on gpu z .. I have the OC and my readout is identical to yours ?
thnx for the reply
ok I get that 1038+135 grants the 1173mhz we both get on gpu z ,, how do we get the additional 5% ? -))