View Full Version : Sound not working- Please help!!! can't figure out whats wrong... :(

06-30-2015, 10:03 AM
Hello everyone,

So..my sound isn't working all of the sudden!

I was watching videos last night- i went to sleep, closed my laptop, woke up, opened it, no sound...there's an "x" next to my little sound icon on the bottom right corner of my screen. If I click it it says " diagnosing problem " it scans for something then says "troubleshooting has completed , troubleshooting was unable to automatically fix all of the issues found. " "problems found- one or more audio service isn't running.

"when I go to control panel/ sound

it says " this computer cannot play audio because the windows audio service is not enabled " " would you like to enable windows audio service?" I click " Yes" takes me to the sound menu, but nothing changes when i check the settings....

I've tried doing a restore point, that didn't work- I tried the recovery/refresh windows, that didn't work... it sat on "preparing..." for about 8 hours...

Please help! I can't get a hold of asus tech support, they keep putting me on hold and never coming back to help..... grr

06-30-2015, 01:31 PM
Go to Device Manager



Click 'High definition Codecs'

And R2.79 for Windows (If you're using Windows)

Give that a try, see what happens.

Otherwise, have you tried plugging in Headphones into the unit to check if it's not a physical issue not a driver or software related?