View Full Version : Asus GL551JW-DS74 HDMI Projector Display Problem

07-05-2015, 11:31 PM

I had "Lenovo X1 1293" running with Windows 7. It has been connected to Optoma HD25-LV through Bose T20 system with HDMI cables.

Just changed my laptop to Asus GL551JW-DS74 with Windows 8.1. When i connect my laptop to my projector with the same system and cables (or directly to projector with HDMI) can't get any visual. (using duplicate screen) Tried to remove and updated all drivers, tried to change cables but nothing changed.

If i connect new notebook through Bose system i got a msg like;"The video signal from your device is not supported by the Bose system. Please adjust the video output of your device."

If i connect it directly to projector mostly can't get any image or i got an image like below.

When i try to connect notebook with the same cables to my lcd tv there aren't any problems.

Any advices?
Thanks for your help