View Full Version : G750JH drive issue

07-06-2015, 08:32 PM
Sorry for my rant about this , I just got off with tech support for an hour and I am not happy .

I have a G750JH that was to have a 1T HHD and a 256 G ssd .

In my computer there are 4 drives . C-95.3G , D-465G , E-465G , F-121G . The D and E are the 1T . The other is the ssd?

It was to be a single ssd drive in raid but the C is almost full and the F is still empty . I contacted asus support after i got it
and was told it was as it should be . now it is out of warr. and they tell me it is not set up correctly and I need to pay to have it fixed.
they tell me it has a 1T and 2 msata drives not a single ssd at 256G . how do I go about finding out who is correct about what is
in this ? Is there any thing I can do to have them fix this drive config at no cost to me since it was like this from day 1?

again I am sorry for my rant , thank you

07-06-2015, 09:40 PM
open the laptop tab underneath... you should be able to see the physical drives. I think these laptops only have 2 bays, however. So you should have an HDD and an SDD. Seems like they have pre-partitioned them as well. You can fix this and remove any extra partitions too (I have only 2 on mine - one per drive)